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Amazingly, there are over 100 mountains higher than 7,200 meters in the Himalayan range, which spans four nations: Pakistan, India, Bhutan, and China (23,600 feet).
In order to put this into perspective, Aconcagua, which is located in the South American Andes at a height of 6,961 meters (22,838 feet), is the tallest peak outside of Asia.The Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate are believed to have collided, uplifted, and folded at some point approximately 50 million years ago, giving rise to the Himalayas' incredible height and splendor.
The Himalayan range is surrounded by four mountain ranges: the Tibetan Plateau to the north, the Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains to the west, and the Indo-Gangetic Plain to the south. 

Lots of people loved to take theirs foots in the top of the peak and want to achieve their beautiful life-experience. People are really crazy about going to the peaceful mountain where have been building up their walking  and survivng habits to reach the mountain's base, which means hiking or trekking. This is only the best way of observing naturality of mountains and their nomads. 
Nowdays, hiking and trekking has been developed as profession and best mental and physical health exercise too.

 Hiking and Trekking In Nepal 
Hiking and Trekking in Nepal's itinerary is being rapidly changed as comparision to previous days. Due to growing development in hilly and mountainous region some of the trekking trail is loosing its proper taste and some newly introduced trekking trail is coming with new tase and figures in adventerous walk in nepal. Where visitors have to be very cleaver and smart and should consult with the newly growing organization like Mt.mate TrekHimalayan Hub Adventurehiking BeesMountain King Treks and many more local trekking organigation who have current information and updates.

Out of ten, eight tallest mountain peaks of the world  eight lies in this land locked country- Nepal, where the top of the world Mount Everest (29,029 ft/8,848 m.), Third highest kanchunjanga (28,169 ft /8,586 m),fourth Lhotse(27,940 ft/8,516 m), fifth Makalu(27,825 ft/8,481 m), sixth Cho-yu (26,906 ft/8,201 m), seventh Dhaulagiri (26,795 ft/8,167 m.), eighth Manaslu (26,763ft/8,163m), and  tenth Annapurna(26,545 ft /8,091m).
Because of its location in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal is one of the most sought-after trekking and climbing destinations in the world. In fact, hiking and mountaineering are two of the most well-liked pastimes in Nepal, serving as both a significant tourist destination and a key economic engine for the nation.

The highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, rises to a height of 5,895 meters in Nepal, where over 240 mountain peaks surpass the 6,000-meter threshold (about 20,000 feet).The term "trekking peak" refers to 33 mountain peaks in Nepal that are between 5,650 and 6,500 meters in height. Although up to 15 call for some, if not significant, prior climbing experience.

There are literally hundreds of hiking trails in this himalayan nation, and each one offers hikers something beutiful scenary and unique experience."

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Due to increasing of highly trekking and hiking tourist in nepal lots of travelling and trekking escorts has been registered, and has been providing services to the clients. They have been providing great guidence and safety by arranging and programming in the differnt within proper time and value.