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About Canyoning

Canoeing in Nepal, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan Canoeing Activites

Canyoning is a sport that entails jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream and being transported down the torrent while floating on your back.

It's a thrilling activity that takes place in relatively undisturbed wilderness. Just 15 kilometers from Kathmandu, our resort is located on the national park's edge. For a good start to the day, you get a traditional breakfast of egg, bread, and fruits. Wetsuits and climbing harnesses are also available there. The hike up to the point where we enter the canyon takes about 30 minutes through the national park's jungle. We descend into the Canyon and begin our descent after receiving a safety briefing on how to handle the rope and equipment. Our knowledgeable tour guides.





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