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About Us

Welcome toMountain Mate Trek and Tour Pvt. Ltd.

A friendship with nature and adventure

 About Us 
Mountainmate trek and Tour (Pan no. 601702417) is a nepal government-authorized trekking and tour operator formed by a well-educated, environmentally conscious, and warm-hearted humbled team of travel managers, guides & leaders, porters & crew staffs with decades of experience and following the best way to provide lifetime memories for our precious travelers who dream about experiencing the magical beauty of our small Himalayan country – Nepal. This is located in the Small street of centre touristic city Thamel of Nepal near to well known hotels International Guest House, in Thamel.

Our team has always been exceptional in terms of adequate managerial skills, a diverse network, and ability in dealing with challenges that may arise during the planning and execution of adventure tours in the Himalayas.

Safety is our top goal, and we constantly make sure that our trips are completely risk-free and well-organized to overcome any potential issues, ease, or complication in the trip itineraries. Our technical experts and crews are covered by insurance, and we recommend that all of our clients obtain full travel and medical insurance before attempting any high-altitude walking, adventure activities, or remote excursion. 

In Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet, we offer eco-friendly trekking, climbing, jungle safaris, mountaineering, scenic & cultural tours, historical tours, wilderness expeditions, overland adventures, special interest tours, helicopter rescue, family adventures, and group vacations. We are solely concerned about your safety and enjoyment. You're ensuring that your vacation is as memorable and pleasurable as possible.

 Choose Your Itinerary 
Check out our Trip Itinerary Calendar to find the most convenient dates and packages. If you are not happy with our Calender's itinerary, trip route, or packages, you may specify your own package and trip itinerary in the custom trip box and mail it to our email address or any of our social media accounts. We ensure that your personal viewpoint is respected, and that we do everything possible to realize your dreams.

 The vision for the Future 
Through our hikes, we continue to reach out to a growing number of people. And introduce them to what we consider to be a necessary part of life. well-lived – a sense of belonging to the natural environment We also worked hard to maintain long-term relationships with all of our local business partners. On promoting the growth and development of local communities.

Booking FAQs

<> What is a typical booking process?
It’s easy! Follow the following process:

  1. Select your trip.
  2. Send us an email at info@mountainmatetrek.com to notifying us regarding the trip you are looking to book, if the packages mentioned in our website meet your needs, requirements and budget. Or, you can apply directly by sending a completely filled booking form.

(You can also ask us to customize the trip package as per your requirements, needs and budget.)

  1. Deposit 25% of the total trip cost (50% in the case of Tibet and Bhutan trips) to confirm the booking.   
  2. The deposit can either be made via Bank Transfer or Card (VISA or Master Card).
  3. If you choose Bank Transfer as your payment option, the final booking confirmation email will be sent as soon as the company receives the scan copy of the deposit slip sent by you; however, in the case of credit card the final booking confirmation email will be sent once the card is processed by the company.

<> How often do you run trips?
Mountain Mate Trek  is a highly growing new local trekking and tour company in Nepal. Normally, the trip frequency of any company in Nepal totally depends on the volume of the trips received by the company. However, backed up with  required manpower and other essential service providers. mt.mate trek & tour , operates with a capacity to run trips on a daily basis, throughout the year.

<> Can I switch to more luxurious accommodation?
Mountain Mate Treks & Tour accommodates its guests in a tourist standard hotel (where available), and the best lodges/guest houses/Homestays/tea houses, during the trek. However, if you are looking for more luxuries, you definitely have the option to ask for more luxurious accommodations, but extra charges will be applicable.

<> What if we have a big group?
Handling big group is no big deal We have experience handling a number a big group in the past and are backed up with all - the manpower, contacts, experience and services required to provide the best service to the bigger group. Mountain Mate Treks & Tour also promises to offer bigger discounts to bigger groups.

<> How can I confirm  my place?
Once the booking deposit is made and once you receive the final booking confirmation email from the company, your place is confirmed.

<> What happens if other people cancel the trip?
Other person’s cancellation does not affect your trip. Once your booking  is confirmed, we guarantee 100% departure.

<> How much deposit  is required to confirm the booking?
Any trip within the territory of Nepal requires you to deposit 25% of the total trip cost. However, for trips in Tibet and Bhutan, you need the make the deposit of 50% of the total trip cost.

<> Why is the booking deposit required?
The booking deposit is required to confirm the booking of the services (accommodation, air tickets, ground transportations, permits, etc.) that you will be needing during your trip in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

<> How can I pay the remaining amount?
You can pay the remaining amount upon your arrival in Kathmandu, before departing for the trip destination. The amount  should be paid in cash.

<> What if I am not able to do this trek (what happens to my deposit)?
If you are not able to do this trek, any amount already charged by the company (usually booking deposit) is non-refundable, but reusable for the immediately following season of the same year.

<> What if I could not compete this trek?
No refund will be made by the company to the customers, who voluntarily leave the trip for any reason, after the trip has begun. However, refunds will be at the discretion of the company, if for any reason the customer is forced to leave the trip. No refunds will be made by the company for accommodations, transportations, sightseeing, meals or any other services not utilized by the customer.

<> How large is the group size?
A group of 2-12 people is considered an ideal group size by MountainMate Treks & Tour. However, MountainMate Treks & Tour also has the capacity to operate tours and travels for groups with more than 10 people.

<> How early should I plan for the treks in Nepal?
It’s always good to plan, as early as possible. This allows the agency to book the best services (accommodation, transportation and other essential services) for the trip.

<> Do you require any physical/medical certificate?
No, the company does not require any physical/medical certificate.

<> Is there any age restriction?
No, as far as you are physically fit, have excellent stamina and determination, there is no age restriction. Age is just a number.

<> How can I prepare for trekking?
The very first thing we recommend you to do is to get a health check up and seek advice, medication and permission, either from your doctor, or the Local General Practitioner. If your doctor shows the green signal, seek advice for the necessary guide walk required before the trekking. Body strength, good health condition and stamina play a vital role in the successful completion of the trek. Start exercising 5-6 weeks before the trek and focus on cardio training like running, cycling, jogging and muscle strengthening  trainings like squat, weight lifting, push ups etc.

Next, do not forget to include a First Aid Kit, while packing for the trip.   

<> Is tipping mandatory?
In Nepal tipping the service provider is customary, but not mandatory. During the trip, the customers normally provide tips to the service providers like guides, porters, drivers and waiters, to express their gratitude and satisfaction. The amount entirely depends upon the wish of the customer.

<> What happens in case of bad weather?
Bad weather in Nepal normally affects the flight schedule. Therefore, Mountain Mate's Treks and Tour ensures to help customer board the earliest possible flight as soon as the weather becomes clear and supportive.

<> What currency do you accept?
Although, we accept all major currencies, we prefer you make the payment in USD. However, if it is not feasible for you to pay in USD, then we accept your currency, but the value of your currency should be equivalent to the value of the USD  of the day you decide to make the payment.

<> What is the exchange rate?
The exchange rate depends on the rate fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank on the day you wish to exchange your currency.

<> Does the guide speak English?
Yes, Mountain Mate Treks & Tour guarantees to provide an English speaking guide for all trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. We also guarantee that the guides provided by us are licensed, experienced, knowledgeable, eco-trained and dedicated to providing  flexible professional service. And also ensure to provide the special language guide in client's demands with extra charges.

<> What is the maximum weight the porter can carry?.
A porter is assigned to each pair of trekkers. During every hike in Nepal, the porter are alloweded a maximum 30kg below 3500m and 25kg above 3500m by Nepal Government rules.

<> How much luggage is allowed in domestic flight?
Passengers on domestic flights in Nepal are only allowed to carry a maximum of 15 kilograms of luggage, also depends upon flight company you booked.

<> Where can I store my extra bag in Kathmandu?
In Kathmandu, hotels offer a locker system where you may safely keep your extra luggage and valuables. if it is not possible and comfort  then clients can keep there extra bags in the store room of Mountain mate trek's office.

<> How ideal the trips run?
Mountain Mate Treks & Tours promises that you will have an unforgettable tour in Nepal. The service begins as soon as you arrive at Nepal's Tribhuvan International Airport. You will be taken to the hotel that has been reserved for you in Kathmandu. If time allows, a meeting will be held at our office in Kathmandu the same day or the next day to inform you on the trip and tour and to introduce you to your guides and other team members. Following the conference, the company hosts a welcome supper to give you a sample of Nepali cuisine, dance, music, and hospitality. The essential equipment and luggage will then be checked and finalized before departing for the trip. The guide will accompany you on your trip or tour.

 Note* The guide will take care of everything: Accommodations, food, permits, and procedures. In the event of an emergency, the off-site staff will be in touch with the guides on a frequent basis. The company will hold a farewell supper once the tour is completed. The firm will also arrange for airport transportation to ensure that you get at the airport on time for your journey. In addition, if you want to prolong your vacation, we can assist you in organising any further adventure activities or day trips you want to do in Nepal. This is how we make sure you have a stress-free and enjoyable journey.


 Giri Mahesh Raj 
CEO/Managing Director

No photo description available.Giri, born in 1987 at Dhulikhel (hill-station near Kathmandu) is a young, energetic and nature loving guy, started working in tourism at the age of 19 after finishing his high school degree from Kathmandu. He completed his graduation in major physics but his passion of traveling and nature and communication skills takes him closer towards travel and tourism sectors and so he kept on upgrading his skills in hospitality business.

As the founder of Mountain Mate Trek & Tour it is important for Giri to make sure everything runs smoothly from the first contact to the last goodbye. His knowledge and experience in his field makes him to one of the best of this business as he is reliable, time conscious, has great decision making skills and knows a lot about Nepal, the Himlayan mountains and the different tours availabe in this beautiful and lavish country. On top of that he speaks english fluently, japanese and german which makes him a great conversation partner on tour. He will always make sure the clients gets to the destination safely and provides heaps of equipement to ensure the clients gets the best conditions available on and off trek.

contact in:  See related image detail. Whatsapp icon 512x512px (ico, png, icns) - free download | Icons101.com See related image detail. network, media, new, Social, square, Instagram, 2016, Logo icon Image result for Facebook Logo Free for Business Use See related image detail. CONTACT

 Santosh Khanal 
Managing Director
No photo description available.Santosh Khanal born in Gorkha district-the  hilly area and origin land of gurkha army have passed out his gradution in his birhtown and came to kathmandu for career settlements.He came to tourism by his family background connection and upgrading himself in organizing trips and operating. After more than decade of experience in this field he join the Mountain mate Trek & Tour as managing director . There is no-doubt he is the one of reknown and best service provider in hospitality buisness among local companies.
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Tour & Trek Manager/Trekking Guide

No photo description available.Nirajan was very experienced young guide that you can found in Nepal's Himalaya with the plentyfull of information around is professional zone. His friendly behaviour  new thoughts and alwayas eager to learn the new things and different culture through the clients make him one of the favourate guide of our guest.

Due to his experienced in  the field and with client's choice he is formal Tour/Trek manager & operator of the company. He is the one of the best client's choice in each and every sectors in tourism.
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 Om Prakash Pun 
 Trekking guide       
No photo description available.Mr. Pun is from far-western region of Nepal  which is remote part of the country – Rukum district – closer to Dolpo and Rara Lake Region. He moved to capital city kathmandu in seeking of job and starts working in tourism hospitality for early period and starts trekking porter, and developed as government registerd certified guide with gooenglish speaking skills. He has been to many popular, restricted and remote adventure trips around Nepal and successfully led many groups to the mighty Himalayas repeatedly and collected maximum experiences.  

His experienced knowledge, charming behavior gentleness  makes him one of the favourite guide of the visitors.  Mr Pun  started his career in 2009.
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 Man Bhadur Gurung  
Trekking guide
Mr. Gurung borns in Gorkha district- the initial land of gurkha knights and completes his schooling there. He moved to kathmandu at the age of late teen  and starts pursuing career in hiking and trekking sector. He keeps on upgrading his skills with very good Japanese and English language and  successfully led many groups on various popular region, restricted and remote area's trips around might Himalayas. He is authorized licensed guide by the Nepal's Government.

His fun loving and charming behaviours creates positive  vibe in the client's trip.
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 Sagar Lama 
Trekking Guide/Climbing Guide

Sagar born in the upper himalaya ranges and taking a tourism as full time careers and started as from porter and developed as the climbers till the date. In the term of working through different reputed  organization sagar is finally decided to stuck in Mountain Mate and serve to his valuable clients in future.

He is highly experienced, gentle, shy and hard working in nature.
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 Chapte sherpa 
Trekking Guide /Climbing Guide
Chapte sherpa born in mountain area in solu district but recently living in city near to thamel. He has also very much better field experienced, flexible,and highly undestanble. He has coming with good english and good Japanese language.

when you are in the hand of chappte sherpa  of Mountain mate Trek and Tour you are in 100% right hand on himalaya. 
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Terms & Conditions - Dr. Mohammad Alfagih Hospital



Our main motto is about to provide the best available travel & tour information and provide the best  organized services in a friendly  manner to our precious customers.  As much as we want to deliver the best service to our travelers, it is important for us that follow the best safety measures  wich is our main priority concern. 

Knowing about the procedures and consequences of trip reservation  We wish to offer a friendship with nature and adventure  within the best of our capability without creating any disputes or misunderstanding with our clients about trip and companies authorities. we humbly request to  check and understand each sentences of following Terms and Conditions before agreeing, enter the Agreement and sign the confirmation of any trip plan or module offered by Mountain Mate  Trek & Tour Pvt. Ltd.

 1.Booking in Advance and Payments 
If you intend to embark on an adventure through   Mountain Mate  Trek & Tour Pvt. Ltd.  Ltd. you are suggested to book a trip 15 Days prior to it. A 15 days preparation period is necessary to ensure maximum safety and satisfaction of the clients.
It is obligatory for the client to dispense 25% of the total charge, at the time of booking. The advance amount will be used for is necessary for booking hotels, flights and potters and receiving approval from governmental authorities.  The remaining 75% of the total charge should be paid up after your arrival to Nepal, before the start of your adventure.

[Deposit 50% in the case of Tibet and Bhutan trips to confirm the booking.]

               The deposit can either be made via Bank Transfer or Card (VISA or MasterCard.

Bank Details:
Bank Transfer 

 Name of the Bank        Nepal Investment Mega Bank Ltd. (NIMB)  

 Account Name            Mountain Mate Treks & Tour pvt.Ltd.

 Account Number        1140010004354

 Swift Code                   MBNLNPKA     

 Address                       Mahalaxmi-1, lalitpur, Nepal

 Mobile                         +977-9863201248 

 2. Cancellation 
In case the client decides to cancel his/her trip, at any time between booking and the time of the trip, some deduction will be made to the advance amount. Such regulation is born out of the company’s obligation to pay a certain amount for personnel and resources while booking them.
Clauses for cancellation:

  • 2(a) If cancellation is made 7 days prior to departure from your country, the company will charge you 20% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded after deducting the processing charge of Nepal Rastra Bank. Once the money is deposited in the Business bank account, Nepal Rastra Bank, which is the National Government Bank of Nepal charges various taxes such as TDS (Tax deduction at source).
     If the client wishes, the company shall withhold the refundable amount as a charge for his/her next trip with Mountain Mate Trek & Tour.
  • 2(b) If cancellation is made  48hrs prior to departure from your country, the company will charge 40% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded as mentioned in 2 (a) of Terms and Condition.
  • 2(c)  In the condition of Bhutan and Tibet, If cancellation is made 15 days prior to departure from your country, the company will charge 20% or cancellation made 10 days prior to depart from country, company charges 40 % of the total amount and the rest will be refunded as mentioned in 2 (a) of the Terms and Condition.

 3.Late Booking  
Late booking can be done as early as one month prior to the departure from your country. But, it is to be noted that it will involve additional cost.

 4. Insurance and Travel Risks     
A government act dictates that no foreigner will be able to purchase an insurance in Nepal. Hence, the clients need to purchase a travel and high altitude insurance, accidental insurance, helicopter medical insurance and emergency evacuation are mandatory and should be purchased as a package in their own country.
Medical and Emergency Rescue evacuation cost is required too, that should include Rescue, Repatriation, Helicopter, Medication, Medical Tests and Hospitalization costs. Trekking and expedition may involve risks and several other factors that cannot be foretold. Medical emergencies, natural calamities are common in high altitudes and we like to be assured that our clients are insured against helicopter evacuations, trip cancellations, and personal accidents so that they don’t have to suffer twice.
This agency will inquire about client’s personal and insurance information so that proper steps and paper works can be done in case of unpredictable situation. If somehow a rescue is needed, our company will contact rescue companies and will manage all the paper works.
It is to be noted that the company shall not bear any losses or provide compensation in case the guest’s insurance doesn’t cover any or all aspects of the trip.

 5.Incomplete Tours 
The client is not entitled to any compensation, whatsoever, in case he/she forfeits from embarking on the trek/expedition because of his/her personal decision or injury. Also, if the government revokes the permit for the trek/expedition because of any disaster in the area, the clients may not seek reparation for their payment.

 6.Agreement of Compliance 
It is mandatory for the guest to comply with the rules and regulations of the country, during their stay in the country. Any illegal activities are downright discouraged and any deliberate or unintentional breach of law by the guest shall not obligate the company to advocate in their behalf. If any illegal activities on client’s part are observed, the company holds the right to call the authorities and hand the clients to them. If the client falls upon the hands of authority because of an unlawful act, the company isn’t obligated to provide any financial compensation.
Moreover, during the tour/trek/expedition, the team leader is the in-charge and his decision shall be considered final. We select our team leaders/guides based on years of training and experience in mountainous region and for the sake of survival and wellness of our clients; we urge them to shed any instincts that directs them against the instruction of our team leader/guides. In case of any conflicts between our clients, verbal, physical or otherwise, the company’s staff will resolve the issue and holds the right to call the police if necessary.

 7. Alterations in Cost and Time and Additional Charges 
The packages designed by  Mountain Mate  Trek & Tour Pvt. Ltd. are standard, and are designed by people after years of experience. However, the company respects the intention of the guests and provides alterations to the packages based on the client’s request provided that the client is willing to spend extra time and cost.
At other times, because of the circumstances prevalent in the area, the standard cost and time may be subject to alterations. In that case, the price and time can be adjusted by mutual agreement between the clients and company.
Damage of company equipment, delays and lags in trips, demand of additional services than previously agreed, and etc. by client is likely to increase the previously decided price.

 8.Early Completion of Schedule 
Sometime schedule may be completed a few days before the designated time, in such case, the company will not refund to the client. For example, in a tour package of 14 days, if the tour completes in 12 days, the company will not refund the costs of 2 days.

 9. Flight Cancelations        
Any flight cancellation, unless it is done by the company will not require the company to provide any financial compensation. However, it is within the duty of the agency to arrange a hotel for guests in case of flight cancellations.

 10. Overnight Stay & Food  
In case of any overnight stay that might occur due to the problems of or caused because of the client, or due to the flight cancellation (Domestic / International) the client will be required to pay the overnight stay charge and meals cost. However, if the stay is caused because of the agency’s reason, the agency shall have to bear the charge.

12. Agreement of Accommodations       
The location of treks and expedition are very demanding. They are far away from the luxuries of 21st century. It is evident that one cannot expect things to be normal all the time. At instances, a person might not get exactly he’s been looking for, even if he is looking to pay for it. As a host company, we try our best to provide the most reasonable deals. But despite all our best efforts, sometimes, we may not be able to provide guests with everything we promised for. At such instances, we expect guests to exhibit understanding and accommodate with whatever is available. Most importantly, it is important for guests to properly understand what they are getting into before they book the trip.


We have experienced cook in the mountaineering sector. However, the taste may differ from what you have been getting used to in your place. We will make sure the best food is provided, but clients are required to follow the guidelines of the tour guide while choosing the food menu.

 14.Stuff and Equipment 
In case, Mountain Mate Trek & tour Pvt. Ltd temporarily provides any materials, gears, or any equipment that may or may not be the property of the company, Client needs to return it to the company's designated official at the end of the trip or expedition or trek. Should any damage occur to the aforementioned equipment, Client has to pay the amount fixed by the agency as per compensation.

 15. Publicity 
We Mountain Mate Trek & tour Pvt. Ltd, may require guests to provide us with photographs taken from your camera free of charge for sake of publicity. In those circumstances, we expect guests to comply with our request. However, the photographs will only be used for promotional purpose only.

 16. Children 
All children below the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by their legal guardian.

 17.Extra Activities 
For any extra activities like ski, drone flight, paragliding or waving large flags the client should inform it to the company first. These extra activities are charged by Nepal Government, if it is not informed beforehand to the company, clients should bear all the cost resulting from such extra activities, and the company will not bear any responsibilities. But if informed, the company shall make sure all the procedures are followed accordingly.

If you want to make changes to your arrangements, please inform us in an email info@mountainmatetrek.com  before 48 hrs of trip start within 10 days in case of Bhutan & Tibet. When any government permit, travel ticket, insurance has been given and can not be withdrawn and refunded, you will be responsible for these expenses. You will also be responsible for cancellation of airfares purchased on your behalf.

 Privacy Policy 
All the personal information that you sent to  Mountain mate treks, while making an inquiry or writing a comments, will strictly be treated in a confidential manner. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding it. We will never share or forward your personal details like email, phone number or addresses or any personally identifiable information that you might disclose on or through our website https://www.mountainmatetrek.com  with any third party.

  • As we feel our customer’s privacy at our top priority concern, we will not sell or rent your personal information to any other people or organization for any marketing activities and will not disclose any of your personal information in and it will be deal with accordance with our Privacy Policy and with your consent only.
  • We request our customers and business firms not to province or sell our information we provide to them, to directly or indirectly market to your, or in no wise disclose it in any other way without our will.
  • We use and share your personal information only within our organization and for our operations purpose.
  • We only use your personal contact information for limited information to verified requests by law enforcement and government officials in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • For any change in privacy information we will let you know accordingly.
  • For any updates, your new personal contacts and related queries please contact our official departments ASAP.
  • We are always concern with your privacy and we use safe, secure technology and other privacy protection programs to make sure that your personal information always be secured with us.

 Trip Forms 
While booking your travel arrangement, clients will be required to fill up the forms and submit their required personal information in our booking forms. The Trip Forms can ask for the following, name and address, phone number, address, payment information, emergency contact information, proof of medical history and insurance details, current medical status, dietary preferences, passport information, arrival and departure information etc.
All such information is fully kept private and is use only for official purpose and not sells or leaked.

 Information Automatically Logged 
We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our Website. We may also use your IP address to protect against fraud and will provide this information to the appropriate authorities if required by law or court order.

Our Site uses cookies to track referral information so that you will receive credit for sales and new members that you refer.

 Inquiry Forms 

  • Our site's inquiry form requires users to give us contact information (like their name, email, and postal address), unique identifiers (like their social security number), and demographic information (like their zip code, age, or income level).
  • The customer's contact information is also used to get in touch with the customer when if necessary, and for other purposes.
  • Unique identifiers (such as a password) may be collected from Web site visitors to verify the user's identity.

 External Links 
This site contains links to other sites, Mountain mate is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites.

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.

 Use of Information 
The information you provided may be use to provide the services you’ve requested .We may also use personal information for official records and auditing as per Nepal government rules. In case we use third parties for further processing  your personal information ,the third parties are required to comply with our Privacy policy and follow all the appropriate confidentially and security measures.

The information we collected is not shared with or sold to other organizations for any commercial purposes, except to provide the services you’ve requested, It might be necessary to share information in order to loss of belongings, person missing, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of the Terms and Conditions, or as otherwise required by the law , under such circumstances we shall take your permission and consent to pass information for further investigation.

 Contact us 
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Website, you may contact us anytime. in our mail id info@mountainmatetrek.com.