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Mountain Mate


 About Us 
Mountainmate trek and Tour (Pan no. 601702417) is a nepal government-authorized trekking and tour operator formed by a well-educated, environmentally conscious, and warm-hearted humbled team of travel managers, guides & leaders, porters & crew staffs with decades of experience and following the best way to provide lifetime memories for our precious travelers who dream about experiencing the magical beauty of our small Himalayan country – Nepal. This is located in the Small street of centre touristic city Thamel of Nepal near to well known hotels International Guest House, in Thamel.

Our team has always been exceptional in terms of adequate managerial skills, a diverse network, and ability in dealing with challenges that may arise during the planning and execution of adventure tours in the Himalayas.

Safety is our top goal, and we constantly make sure that our trips are completely risk-free and well-organized to overcome any potential issues, ease, or complication in the trip itineraries. Our technical experts and crews are covered by insurance, and we recommend that all of our clients obtain full travel and medical insurance before attempting any high-altitude walking, adventure activities, or remote excursion. 

In Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet, we offer eco-friendly trekking, climbing, jungle safaris, mountaineering, scenic & cultural tours, historical tours, wilderness expeditions, overland adventures, special interest tours, helicopter rescue, family adventures, and group vacations. We are solely concerned about your safety and enjoyment. You're ensuring that your vacation is as memorable and pleasurable as possible.

 Choose Your Itinerary 
Check out our Trip Itinerary Calendar to find the most convenient dates and packages. If you are not happy with our Calender's itinerary, trip route, or packages, you may specify your own package and trip itinerary in the custom trip box and mail it to our email address or any of our social media accounts. We ensure that your personal viewpoint is respected, and that we do everything possible to realize your dreams.

 The vision for the Future 
Through our hikes, we continue to reach out to a growing number of people. And introduce them to what we consider to be a necessary part of life. well-lived – a sense of belonging to the natural environment We also worked hard to maintain long-term relationships with all of our local business partners. On promoting the growth and development of local communities.