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 Mountain Biking 
Mountain Bike - Mt.Mate AdventureIn terms of outdoor adventure in Nepal, aside from trekking, did you know that mountain biking is the fastest growing activity in this amazing country?

In the beginning, the few bikers all knew each other and rode together every weekend, exploring the Kathmandu Valley and even on larger adventures when they could. The biking scene has grown to the point where you can see people riding everything from a flashy new bike to an old iron horse on any given Saturday, all with the same goal of enjoying the freedom and joy of a great ride.

Biking in Nepal is evolving at breakneck speed, but the trails are centuries old and there are a staggering number of them! No one knows how many kilometers of paths are out there waiting to be discovered, as the entire nation is crisscrossed by walking pathways that have been worn smooth by endless generations of feet going across the valley or across the country for commerce, festivals, or family visits.

Some of our favorite places are harsh and truly wild, with no simple route 'out,' while others are close to town and provide nearly infinite travel options - from a day to a week or more, staying in luxurious hotels or roughing it in tea houses or camping.