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About Everest Region Trekking

Everest glaciers and the impact of record warm winters | The Third Pole

Mt. Everest that lies in Mahalangur Himalayan range has been calling out to trekkers and climbers since it first appeared in the telescope of mountain surveyors, and the trail that climb through the  foothills of  world's highest mountains  offering some of the challenging trekking trails and the best view and experiences. 

Everest lies in Khumbu region where the mountains of Khumbu are so large that they create their own local climate. As you climb through the hills, mixed decidious forest and scatterd rice terrace give way to pine forests then rhodhodendrons, then scrumb junipers, finally the only vegetation is low alpine shrubs and grasses.

Khumbu region is the homeland of sherpa people who have become famous for their skills as guides and mountaineers. The buddhist monuments of the sherpas- stupas , chortens , mani walls and gompas mirror the towering land scape all around.

Although trekking in the Khumbu is possible all year, flights are regularly canceled in the winter and during the monsoon due to poor visibility at the Lukla airfield. Autumn has the nicest weather since the skies are clear and the temperatures at higher elevations are more acceptable. However, competition for aircraft seats and lodge bed space can be fierce.

 note.Before attempting to cross any high passes, check the weather conditions locally or with your guide/porter. (mostly in the  winter)