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Mountain Mate

Why Us?

  •  Best Customer Service Experience 
  •  National and  International Team Experties
  •  Better equipment and best safety
  •  We Offer Uniqe route and Customize Packages 
  •  Competitive Prices 
  •  24/7 Customer Support 
  •  Value For Money 
  • Specific language guide without Extra charge 
  • Well organised and well distributed
  •  Flexible and multi-lingual team with local exprties

 Best Customer Service Experience  Mountainmate is newly born company with very unique motto to create a friendship and harmony between the visitors and natural aspects, and local nomads for creation to love nature and adventural activities. Although the company is newly born the staff and crew member has decades of experience in the related field and localities and also has been providing the best customer service and satisfaction. we the family of  Mt.mate trek & tour (adventure) pvt.ltd  always eager to give new experience and sincerly organize to overcome 100% desatisfaction for our prosperous client where we have been suceeding on our moto.

 Aathiti Devo Vabha 

means Guest is God . we alwayas apply these nepali  saying in our daily karma. So we never let our guest to be unhappy by our faults. this is why Mt.mate has been one of the reknown local companies for providing Best customer Service.


 National and  International Team Experties  Mountainmate is technically and emotionally organised company between multinational partner. That which  helps to create mutual understanding between the clients and  crew member. our national and international team work helps us to manage easy and  convinient way for clients and also can create the strong bonding for relaibility. Besides this we also have local team experties for the specific region  such as climbing sherpa tour guide porters and spirtual guide.


 Better equipment and best safety  We are always looking to give more to our clients in this competative world and promised to look them best in the trip. So we have been providing technically best equipment as compared to the top most companies in free of cost. Our technically best equipment and best experienced team on this profession helps to overcome maximum calamities in our trip. The safest trip is our very much concern priority so that our technical team has been providing the necessary training and developing skill frequently where no other companies has been doing this. 


 We Offer Uniqe route and Customize Packages  Besides from general trekking route that has been following as trend We the MountainMate Trek & Tour has been researched to create the new routes, spots, new ideas and introducing too clients which is very much liked by our clients and rappidly growing. thats why we say that Mt.mate is very much unique than others. Also we are very much flexible to arrange the customize trip and check maximum possibilities to go according to clients wish.So that we are one of the favourate choice in trekking and tour agency in nepal.


 Competitive Prices  As we mention ahead, the main motto of the company is to create harmony and friendship with nature in visitors,and follows the guest is god quotes, we always prefer to offer the very much competative price packages trip than as standard trip price in the market. By saying this it doesn't mean to decrease our service and facilities. Mountainmate is always concern to provide clean and quality accomodation and hygenic food from the available area. so we are one of the best company to provide best service,  equipment, hospitality in the very reasonable price. 

 24/7 Customer Support   In general our office opens at 10AM and close in 6PM but we are 24 hour available in online service everyday, so our clients free to inquiry any time they are comfort to. besides this our technical support during trip also available at 24 hour, More than this our management team also more flexible to appear any time in the necessery of our clients . That means in conclusion we are ready to work 24 hours for satisfaction of our valuable clients.

 Value For Money  In todays world money has been essential word to run the life smoothly and hard to earn too. By this reason Mt.Mate always take care for not to waste our clients valuable earning in unnecessary things, so we have prescribed description or information providing facilities that what to take or what not take to the trip. Also we take proper care to charge cost on very essential things beside this provided facilities are under company cost as complimentary service for company's welfare.

Specific language guide  This is very unique features that we have been providing to our clients is specific languge (general in market such as French, German,Spanish,chinese Japanese, korean,hindi, speaking) guide/leader. so we can say that we have multi languge guide or leader providing facilities which helps more to our client for conforting in understand. This shows that multi regional targeted company, and no discrimination behaviour between clients, 

note: Specific languge specialist are very list in number so in the very peaky season this facility can be hard to manage so basic english guide is provided. (better book earlier for specific requirement)

 Well organised and well distributed  Our management and field experties team has been  servicing to our clients in very much organised manner in different service sector. As we know tourism is hospitality buisness, so that we are always concern to programme well and tries to overcome confusion in this hasseling market.  Mt. Mate is very sencere to distribute our rights and duties within market  for 0% misunderstanding in the market which doesn't affect on our clients at all. Besides this we are been equally organized in marketing and representing sectors from various part in the world which makes very easy to our clients to inquiry in related area with regional languge experties.

 Flexible and multi-lingual team with local exprties  As we mentioned before, Mt.mate has decades of experience in team work in arranging and operating trip and adventureous activities. We are very much flexible to undesrstand and solve the client's problems.Our connection and net-working skill in related field is unexpectly very good  which never bother to our clients. Besides this we have very talented local expert team to solve emergency calamities that occurs in trip in several related area various.