• Kathmandu, Nepal
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Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the popular place which is known for its spectacular architecture and flamboyantly display the skill of Newari artists and craftsmen for several centuries. The royal palace used be in Dattatraya and was shifted in Durbar Square. Durbar square used to be the palace for several Malla and Shah Kings and the palace too consist of different temples dating from 15th to 18th century. The Kumari house, the ferocious Kal Bhairav, the red Monkey god and hundreds of exquisite carving are some examples of the sights at the square.  The Durbar Square currently named as Hanuman Dhoka is derived from the monkey god, the art and architecture of the area are exceptionally fine. Here, we can see the red painted statue of Hanuman near the Golden gate of the palace. Hanuman is regarded as the protector of the entire palace. According to the scriptures present here says that the Palace was built by Gunakamadev a King in Tenth century. Though there are not any other written archives about Kathmandu Durbar Square the construction of palace in the square is credited to Shankaradeva. The first king of independent Kathmandu Ratna Malla built the Taleju temple in 1501. Some other important monuments in this durbar square are Kal Bhairav, statue of King Pratap Malla in praying gesture to Digu Taleju, Kumari House built in 17th century and finely developed Nepalese temple craft. Kastamandap had been built from single tree and the name of the city is derived from it. Other attraction of this palace are Nautale Durbar and the grand Basantpur palace which where Prithivi Narayan shah built a mansion to commemorate his victory over the city in 1768AD.